About The Event

The annual Father’s Day Celebration is a community celebration held during the entire Father’s Day weekend created to display a positive image of fathers in the greater metropolitan and surrounding areas. This celebration brings individuals and families together during the Father’s Day weekend to honor the men who have positive influences in the lives of young people and family members. Each year, the annual Father’s Day celebration garners the participation and involvement of 400-500 individuals. Components of the annual celebration include, but are not limited to a 100 Men Dinner, a premier social event, a barbecue and “Picnic in the Park,” community health/job fair, music, games, activities, healthy food and beverages, and a series of workshops regarding effective leadership, cultural and emotional guidance and family and fiscal responsibility.

Our annual Father’s Day celebration is significant to the African American community as it helps acknowledge the leadership role of the male parent to households and the community-at-large. Besides serving as an official observance of Father’s Day, this signature event provides families the opportunity to express their love and respect for their fathers by sharing stories and participating in a weekend full of activities. This sentiment goes a long way in strengthening father-child and father-mother relationships and consequently in the emotional development of a child.

Throughout the years, the Father’s Day Celebration has enlisted the participation of local corporations to assist in the sponsorship of this signature event, as well as with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities, Bolder Options, and Emerge.

The purpose of the annual Father’s Day Celebration is to increase the number of people who acknowledge the leadership role of the male in families and the community-at-large.

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