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Terry Austin

Terry Austin

Terry Austin is the President of Positive Image a non profit which was created in 2004. This organization works with community organizations to alleviate health disparities among low-income and minority groups. By providing education and tools that promote healthy lifestyles, individuals have increased access and leadership opportunities. Austin is dedicated to creating better communities by providing opportunities for our at-risk youth by offering a variety of programs, which emphasize self-sufficiency, responsibility and accountability as well as leadership training.

As founder and President of Positive Image, Austin’s ideas incorporate grassroots efforts to reach members of the community affected by health disparities. Austin is an established professional African American dedicated to mentoring and lending his talents and road map to success to inner city youth. Having experienced the hard knocks of growing up in the inner city of East Chicago, he has unique insights and experiences that he has used to develop a powerful and tested curriculum, laser focused on current issues facing our youth today. In 2007, Austin began working with other community agencies and churches such as The Stair Step Foundation, Emerge Incorporated (Pillsbury United Communities) New Salem Missionary Baptist Church and various other community agencies. Positive Image organize Annual community events, Father Daughter Dance, Father’s Day Weekend Celebrations, Back to School BBQ fundraisers, and Mother & Son Galas.

Austin works for Thrivent Financial as Community Engagement Leader, working with Church community, non-profits, and small businesses.

Austin is a graduate of Moorehead State University with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. He is proud father of two girls, Alyssa and Tarran. He is also a member of the Black MBA since 2007.


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