Mother & Son Gala

The Mother Son Dance is a community-sponsored, formal, elegant and fun-filled evening for boy’s age 5 years and over, and the special women in their lives. The Mother Son Dance focuses on the importance of mothers and their sons having strong, healthy relationships. The first woman a man usually loves if his mother. This event will teach young boys how to treat a woman with love and respect.

Statistics show that a young boy will seek his Mother’s love first at home. If he doesn’t find it, he will seek it elsewhere. The objective is that Mother s will continue to be positive role models and influencers of their sons, and that sons will have healthy relationships as teens and adults as a result.

We are asking you to join us in our efforts to promote healthy mother-son relationships, which will in turn provide young boys with the guidance they need to become productive in our community. This is a collaborative effort and we are seeking donations from our business, non-profit and the faith communities to get involved. Positive Image is seeking financial support to cover some of the cost associated with hosting the gala.

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